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Our Staff and Board Members

Our Amazing Team

Dedicated experts with a passion for family

Meet The Team
Erin S. Drew
Executive Director

Most likely to come up with a new idea.

Denise Gonzalez
Director of Operations

Most likely to have a detailed plan.

Janelle Walker
Director of Development

Most likely to try a new restaurant in the surrounding area.

Maggie Grimm
Volunteer Coordinator

Most likely to get lost on a hike.

Leah Bush
Rosman Site Manager
Mandie Kendall
Parent Chat Facilitator

Most likely to have coloring sheets on her.

Ashleigh Gosnell
Children’s Team Lead

Most likely to come up with a fun game or activity.

Nikki Parker
Circle of Security Manager

Most likely to be meeting someone new and introducing them to others.

Becky Columbo
IY and Navigating Needs Facilitator

Most likely to be seen walking around town with her dog.

Felice St. John
IY Facilitator

Most likely to sign up for every personal and professional development course.

Shelia Mooney
Circle of Security Facilitator

Most likely to miss the turn into The Family Place.

Judy Nebrig
Circle of Security Facilitator

Most likely to be working on her Spanish.

Charlotte Davis
CONNECT Outreach Coordinator

Most likely to plant a garden.

Jose Troyer
Children’s Team Member
Robin Bolt
Children’s Team Member
Diana Dezwaan
Children’s Team Member
Darlene Parker
Children’s Team Member
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Our incredible Board Members

Board Members
Rebecca Jackson
Board Secretary
Jason Trent
Board Chair

Jason Trent is a local business owner with several insurance offices throughout Western NC. He’s happily married to his wife Kellie for over 22 years, and they are extremely proud of their three sons in college and their little girl.  For the last two decades, Jason has been passionate about the well-being of young children.  For as long as he can recall, he and his wife have served in their church’s children and youth programs, and they also served in the Boy Scouts of America program for a decade with their three sons.  In 2015, he and his wife were called into the ministry of fostering children, and they have passionately served in this area ever since.  Jason’s heart is now called to partner with others in the community who share in this passion to bring lasting solutions to the epidemic of trauma impacted children and families.

Susie Taylor
Board Treasurer

Susie Taylor was one of the first families to come to The Family Place over 20 years ago. She has helped The Family Place grow as a committed volunteer and board member. She and her husband, John, own the world's coolest toy store, O.P. Taylor's.

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