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April Flyer
Check out our April Play Room Theme!
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Kids First License Plates
Show your support for families with a custom Kids First License Plate.
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Children and Art
Children naturally love art – painting, drawing, making music, dance, and the theater.
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Silvermont Senior Exchange
This is an unofficial Family Place event that takes place on the second Friday of each month from 10-11am.
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A New Way To Welcome Children
We have a new way to welcome children into the playroom in Brevard. The next time you come in, you will see a child sign in table with a bowl of fall leaves.
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Family Dinner Series
The Family Dinner Series is hosted by local organizations who are committed to supporting strong, exuberant, and healthy families in Transylvania County. Each month, families are invited to share a free dinner with an engaging workshop.
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Dads and Kids Jiu-Jitsu
Hey guys! Come join us for some family bonding action.
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Saying Sorry
We all want to have polite children. Words like thank you and excuse me can help children throughout their life.
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One of the most common conflicts in the playroom is over toys. Kids are excited to play with their favorite things at The Family Place. How do we handle conflict?
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Life and Playdough
Recently, at one of our weekly parent chats, we made homemade play dough and chatted about how great it is to work together as a family creating something and spending quality time with each other.
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Join Us For Parent Chat
Two babies were having their own conversation during Wednesday Parent Chat while all the mothers talked this past week.
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Closings Policy
We added a new closings policy page.
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