In December 2021, concerned community members began working together to form a broad coalition of youth, school, and community leaders. The goal was to facilitate an aligned and effective community-wide response that both allows and encourages spontaneous responses and develops a strategic framework capable of making evidence-based mental health support programs and resources broadly available to our youth.

This collaborative is guided by principles of the Collective Impact Model for Transformational Change, including a shared vision and agenda, common measurements , mutually-reinforcing activities, continuous communication, and backbone (admin/program) support.

PHASE I, in December 2021 and January 2022, secured a commitment of support from 3 lead organizations, activated a Steering Team, identified strategic imperatives, and established a data framework.

PHASE II, in January-May 2022, Steering Team members practiced collaboration and developed tools and processes that would guide the group. Work began on selected projects connected to each of our selected focus areas.

PHASE III, beginning in June 2022, will assess outcomes and impact, hardwire successful approaches, determine ways to continue and/or expand successful projects, build long-term resources and support, and develop and communicate a sustainable long-term wellness plan.

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