The Brevard Parent Chat participants recently had the opportunity to create faux stained glass vases during Chat. One of our amazing parents suggested this fun and relaxing craft project. This easy activity uses inexpensive supplies and recycled jars. Make one for yourself, or work together with your child/ren to make a one of a kind piece of art. 

Supplies: recycled glass jars of any size, tissue paper, Mod Podge (or watered down Elmer’s glue), brush to apply the glue with. 

We started out by ripping up the tissue paper, covering our jars with the Mod Podge, sticking the tissue paper to the jar, and finished by adding a final coat of the glue. Kids love tearing up paper and this is a time they can freely tear the tissue paper knowing there is a purpose for their actions.This is a craft you can get creative with, one of the moms suggested adding glitter and lots of parents enjoyed this. While most parents were going to use these jars for flower vases, some folks had other ideas in mind: whether it be a hair bow storage container or a makeup brush holder all of the parents were excited to use their vase. 

This is a fun, relaxing, low stress craft, which is important when crafting with kids or trying to fit some adult art time into a busy schedule.  Parents can spend a lot of their time trying to help and care for others, and may forget to prioritize their own needs. Much like the airplane safety demonstration; you must first put on your oxygen before helping anyone else or you will become too weak to help those around you. Parents need time to focus on their mental and physical health to avoid burnout and maintain the energy needed to care for their family. Creating art is one way to give yourself a little break in the day. Some other ideas are: taking a walk, calling a friend, reading a book, working out, or listening to music you love. If you need a little art break please join us at our next crafty Parent Chat!